Father’s Day show on Sunday

We are back! Sunday June 21st will be our second show of the year and it promises to be another great evening of good music, good food and good company.

Corinna Rose & Sam Gleason, The Vaudevillian, Preetam Sengupta and Andrew Maranta will be performing. We will be squeezing in a lot of music, for what we hope to be a memorable Sunday evening! This might be a backyard show, weather permitting, so bring a blanket!

Andrew Maranta is one of the early organizers of Community Music, and has recently begun sharing more of his brilliant fingerstyle guitar arrangements with audiences around KW, Guelph and Toronto. Check him out!

Preetam Sengupta is an accomplished songwriter and a strong supporter of Canadian musicians through his company, Letting Artists Make Art (LAMA). While humbled by comparisons to Paul Simon, it is the career of folk singer-songwriter David Francey that Preetam admires most, along with the artist-industry balance of hip-hop contemporary Duane “D.O.” Gibson. Hear his music here.

The Vaudevillian are sure to shake things up. Brendan J Stephens and Willow Walker are 1920’s blues singers in the flesh. Hitchhiking between raucous house shows, rowdy bars and busking everywhere in between, they have crafted a way of singing both their own material and songs near one hundred years old in a way entirely their own. Check them out here.

Corinna Rose is back! Accompanied by Sam Gleason, also from ptarmigan (another CM favourite), this duo promises a “trippy folk” performance, with some new interpretations from Corinna’s already rich songbook. Wielding a banjo, songstress Corinna Rose will make your heart flutter and use its beat to start a hoedown. Corinna crafts songs that capture the warmth, joy and darkness of the folk tradition while unabashedly using crooked rhythms, jazz chords and orchestral overtones. Hear Corinna’s Lost Like You, here.

It all happens at 8 p.m. at 489 York Road, Guelph.

See you there!


Pitter patter…

…let’s get at’er.

After a bit of restructuring and reorganizing, we’d like to make and announcement:

We’re back.

We have a new show set up for Monday, May 25, 2015 with three incredible artists that will help you kick your week off right!

Were you at the Ben Cosgrove show last March? He’s a composer/pianist based out of New England who has recently been touring across the US and Canada. He’s played with us twice before, both in intimate settings with a relatively small crowd, and he’ll be joining us on May 25. During the past two times he’s played in Guelph, his performances on solo piano were… breathtaking. I know most people use that word to describe physical beauty, but I think it works quite well in describing his inspiring and carefully crafted pieces.

When he’s not touring North America and performing at small and large venues alike, he’s kept busy writing and honing his sound. From 2012 to 2014, Cosgrove served as the Signet Artist-in-Residence Fellow at Harvard University. He’s also held residencies and fellowships at a number of other institutions.

Ben Cosgrove

Ben Cosgrove, performing at a CMC house show March 2014

His biography and musical background is beyond impressive – see for yourself. While you’re on his website, check out his music. You won’t be let down if you come out to the May 25 show.

And Ben Cosgrove is only one of the three acts we have booked for this night. We’ll release the names of the others soon. But for now, mark your calendar:

May 25, 2015. 7:30 p.m.
489 York Road, Guelph
Pay-what-you-can ($5 suggested)

Oh, and there will be soup!


Here’s a clip of Cosgrove performing last year at a CMC show: 

The brief hiatus / The great venue search

Hi local music lovers,

You’ve likely noticed it’s been some time since we’ve hosted a music show. Over the past few months we’ve been brainstorming, trying to figure out how we can best continue to host local musicians in the same type of intimate settings we’ve provided for the past nearly four years.

We have lots of great artists who are willing to play house shows here in town. We have lots of local music fans who are willing to come listen and see some incredible bands perform.

The problem we run into is finding locations to host our shows.

Mostly, it’s the design of CMCGuelph. We are constantly on the move from house to house to house, show after show – we have no home base.

This structure allows us to celebrate the beauty of sharing music in various homes throughout the city and brings local music fans and bands together that normally wouldn’t connect. It also means we don’t have to pay rent, allowing us to get out of charging steep covers to pay for our overhead.

It’s a structure that works well when our list of potential venues is long. However, over the years as students leave the city, our list of potential house show locations has grown sparse.

We’d like to ask you to look around your house or your friend’s house and ask yourself, ‘Could this space be a possible venue for a Community Music show?’

If you answer yes, shoot us a message at communitymusicguelph@gmail.com and let us know.

We’ve been getting emails from a number of great bands who are touring and would like to perform, but we need to replenish our list of possible venues.

We are aiming to re-launch Community Music in the new year! Until then, we’ll be populating the website with recordings, photos and videos of past shows to keep your appetite for local music satisfied.

All the best, and thanks for supporting our local artists.

Chris @CMCGuelph


We have a really great show tonight, so make sure you bring $5 (or PWYC) and some extra money to buy albums. The show kicks off at 8 p.m. at 7 Bagot Street, but you’re best to get there a little early for a seat!

Marina MArina is back from travels in warm places. It is a treat to listen to Marina’s music, especially in a living room full of friendly faces and warm hearts. Marina’s ‘organic free range folk pop’ has been described as being “like golden mist caught in a strong wind twisting into patterns and sparkling in the gentle muted sun.” Her music is earthy and soothing and it all sounds so effortless, like her guitar is part of her body.
Music: mamarina.bandcamp.com www.aboutmetoyou.com

Amy Bronson has moved back to Ontario, and I know I am not the only one that is happy about this. We are delighted that she is back to play a show! You can check out Amy’s music here – http://amybronson.com/

Aaron Mangoff -Aaron is nothing if not honest. Honest with his music, his lyrics, and the emotion that this type of honesty brings out in an audience. To label this emotion as being ‘sad’ isn’t giving enough credit to the deeper connection that can be established through listening to his music and watching Aaron perform. He finds himself drawn to music that moves him and it’s only natural that he creates music that does the same for others. The music is subtle and soft and at times dark and brooding. It is music that will gently take you into that good night. http://www.sleeperrecords.com/aaron-mangoff.html

Adam Crossman – http://adamcrossman.bandcamp.com/album/adam-crossman-ep – Adam Crossman, emerging from the small town of Bethany Ontario was born, April 1993. He started playing guitar at the early age of thirteen in a band atmosphere; recently, he has decided to pursue his passion for solo acoustic fingerstyle guitar. Primarily influenced by different genres, composers, outlook on life and the people dearest to him. He strives to evoke emotion and translate ideas through music.

Adam continues to write his own original instrumental compositions and has only just released his first self-titled EP; in the late Fall of 2011 and recently finished the highly anticipated full-length album titled “Golden” in early 2013.

Bethany Klapwyk to play this Friday at Community Music

I was introduced to Bethany through a few of my of friends last year. I got to know her as a hard working, generous and kind person who was very knowledgeable and passionate about farming and growing food. It was always a delight to chat with her whenever I saw her at my CSA pick up.

But then I saw her take the stage at an open mic night at Magnolia Cafe in Guelph, and was blown away. Her voice is incredible and I’m SO excited she’ll be performing at the Community Music show this Friday at 7 Bagot Street.

She’ll knock your socks off. Check out her Bandcamp site and have a listen.

And she’ll be joined by two other ridiculously talented individuals as well – Richard Garvey and Ben Cosgrove.

If you don’t yet have plans for this Friday, come on out to the show. It’s going to be a real treat!

$5 or pay what you can cover. Check out the Facebook event page.

There will be soup, too!


Where Fools Gather – by Richard Garvey

This Friday, Community Music will host Kitchener’s own Richard Garvey to the stage at 7 Bagot Street.

Garvey has played with CMC a number of times and it’s always a treat to hear his genuine voice and truly heartfelt and inspiring songs. Have a listen to the track Where Fools Gather and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

He’ll be taking the stage with Ben Cosgrove and Bethany Klapwyk, all starting at 7:30 p.m.

This is a show not to be missed!

Ben Cosgrove, live at Community Music

Almost exactly a year ago Ben Cosgrove played a show with us. We caught his performance on video.

Have a listen.

He’ll be playing on Friday, March 14 at 7 Bagot Street. You should come have a listen!

And he’s only one of the three great bands we have for you. Richard Garvey and Bethany Klapwyk will also be taking the stage!

It all gets underway at 7:30, so come early for a seat and some homemade soup!